Scottish Clan Name and Mottos

We collect almost all of the clans names and their mottos! Find your clan name motto that describe your heritage. Be proud of your clan name and find something new about your clan history. Click to link of your clan name and you’ll see more information about clan history, coat of arms and clan crest.

Clan Name Motto Translation
Abercrombie Tace Keep Silence
Agnew Consilio Non Impetu By Wisdom, Not By Rashness
Akins Time How Short Time How Short
Anderson Stand Sure Stand Sure
Arbuthnott Laus Deo Praise To God
Armstrong Invictus Maneo I Remain Unvanquished
Baillie Quid Clarius Astris What Is Brighter Than The Stars
Bain Et Marte Et Arte Both By Strength And Art
Baird Dominus Fecit The Lord Made
Balfour Fordward Forward
Barclay Aut Agere Aut Mor Either To Do Or Die
Beaton Debonnaire Gracious
Bell I Beir The Bell I Bear The Bell
Bell Nolite tradere Never Give Up
Blair Amo Probos I Love The Virtuous
Borthwick Qui Conducit He Who Leads
Boyd Confido I trust
Brodie Unite Unite
Brown Floreat Majestas Let Majesty Flourish
Bruce Fuimus We Have Been
Buchan Non Inferiora Secutus Not Having Followed Means Pursuits
Buchanan Clarior Hinc Honos Brighter Hence The Honour
Burnett Virescit Vulnere Virtus Courage Grows Strong At A Wound
Cameron Aonaibh Ri Cheile Unite
Campbell (Argyll) Ne Obliviscaris Forget Not
Campbell (Breadalbane) Follow Me Follow Me
Campbell (Cawdor) Be Mindful Be Mindful
Campbell (Loudoun) I Byde My Time I Wait My Time
Carmichael Tout Jour Prest Always Ready
Carnegie Dread God Beware The Wrath Of God Or Fear God
Cathcart I Hope To Speed I Hope To Speed
Cheyne Patientia Vincit He Conquers By Patience
Chisholm Feros Ferio I Strike The Fierce
Clan Chattan Touch Not The Cat Bot A Glove Touch Not The Cat Without A Glove
Clan Douglas Forward Forward
Clan Iain Mhoir Toujours Prest Always Ready
Clelland Non Sibi Not For Himself
Cochrane Virtute Et Labore By Virtue And Labour
Cockburn Accendit Cantu He Rouses Up By Crowing
Colquhoun Si Je Puis If I Can
Colville Oublier Ne Puis I Can Not Forget
Cooper Pro Rege Et Patria For My King And Country
Craig J'Ai Bonne Esperance I Have Good Hope
Cranston I Desire Not To Want I Desire Not To Want
Crawford Tutum Te Robore Reddam I Will Render You Safe By My Strength
Crichton God Send Grace God Send Grace
Cumming Courage Courage
Cunningham Over Fork Over Over Fork Over
Dalrymple Firm Firm
Dalzell I Dar I Dare
Davidson Sapienter Si Sincere Wisely, If Sincerely
Douglas Jamais Arriere Never Behind
Drummond Gang Warily Go With Care
Dunbar Sub Spe Under Hope
Duncan Disce Pati Learn To Suffer
Dundas Essayez try
Dunlop Merito Deservedly
Elliott Fortiter Et Recte Boldly And Rightly
Erskine Je Pense Pius I Think More
Farquharson Fide Et Fortitudine With Faith And Fortitude
Ferguson Dulcius Ex Asperis Sweeter Out Of Difficulties
Fleming Let The Deed Shaw Let The Deed Show
Fletcher Recta Pete Seek What Is Right
Forbes Grace Me Guide Let Grace Be My Guide
Forrester Blaw Hunter Blaw Thy Horn Blow Hunter Blow Thy Horn
Forsythe Instaurator Ruinae Repairer Of Ruin
Fraser Je Suis Prest I Am Ready
Fraser ( Saltoun) All My Hope Is In God All My Hope Is In God
Galbraith Ab Obice Suavior More Smooth From An Obstacle
Gayre Sero Sed Serio Late But In Earnest
Gillespie Tu Certa Salutis Anchora Thou A Sure Anchor Of Salvation
Gordon Bydand Remaining
Gow Touch Not The Cat Bot A Glove Touch Not The Cat Without A Glove
Graham (Menteith) Right And Reason Right And Reason
Graham (Montrose) Ne Oublie Do Not Forget
Grant Stand Fast Stand Fast
Gray Anchor Fast Anchor Anchor Fast Anchor
Gunn Aut Pax Aut Bellum Either Peace Or War
Guthrie Sto Pro Veritate I Stand For truth
Haig Tyde What May What Will Be, Will Be
Haldane Suffer Suffer
Hall Vive Ut Vivas Live That You May Live
Hamilton Through Through
Hannay Per Ardua Ad Alta Through Difficulties To Heights
Hay Serva Jugum Keep The Yoke
Henderson Sola Virtus Nobilitat Virtue Alone Ennobles
Hepburn In Promptu In Readiness
Hepburn Keep trust Keep trust
Home A Home A Home A Home A Home A Home A Home
Hunter Cursum Perficio I Accomplish The Race
Inglis Nisi Dominus Frustra It Is Vain Without The Lord
Innes Be traist Be Faithful
Irvine Sub Sole Sub Umbra Virens Increasing Both In Sunshine And In Shade
Jardine Cave Adsum Beware ! I Am Present
Johnston Nunquam Non Paratus Never Unprepared
Keith Veritas Vincit truth Conquers
Kennedy Avise La Fin Consider The End
Kerr Sero Sed Serio Late But In Earnest
Kilgour Gradatim By Degrees
Kincaid I'Ll Defend I'Ll Defend
Kirkland Pro Aris Et Focis For Our Altars And Our Homes
Kirkpatrick I Mak Sicker I Make Sure
Lamont Ne Parcas Nec Spernas Neither Spare Nor Despise
Lauder Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum Under The Shadow Of Thy Wings
Leask Virtute Cresco I Increase By Virtue
Lennox I'Ll Defend I'Ll Defend
Leslie Grip Fast Grip Fast
Lindsay Endure Fort Endure With Strength
Little Magnum In Parvo Much In Little
Livinston Si Je Puis If I Can
Lockhart Corda Serata Pando I Lay Open Locked Hearts
Logan Hoc Majorum Virtus This Is The Valour Of My Ancestors
Lumsden Beware In Time Beware In Time
Lyle An I May If I May
Mac Alister Fortiter Bravely
Mac Arthur Fide Et Opera By Fidelity And Labour
Mac Aulay Dulce Periculum Dander Is Sweet
Mac Bain Touch Not The Cat Bot A Targe Touch Not The Cat Without A Targe
Mac Beth Conjuncta Virtuti Fortuna Fortune Is Allied To Bravery
Mac Callum In Ardua Tendit He Attempts Difficult Things
Mac Coll Justi Ut Sidera Fulgent The Righteous Shine As Stars
Mac Corquodale Vivat Rex Long Life To The King
Mac Cubbins Pro Rege Et Patria For King And Country
Mac Culloch Vi Et Animo By Strength And Courage
Mac Donald (Clan Donald) Per Mare Per Terras By Sea And By Land
Mac Donald (Clanranald) My Hope Is Constant In Thee My Hope Is Constant In Thee
Mac Donald (Isles) Per Mare Per Terras By Sea And By Land
Mac Donald (Sleat) Per Mare Per Terras By Sea And By Land
Mac Donnell (Glengarry) Creag An Fhitich The Rock Of The Raven
Mac Donnell (Keppoch) Per Mare Per Terras By Sea And By Land
Mac Dougall Buaidh No Bas Victory Or Death
Mac Dowall Vincere Vel Mori To Conquer Or Die
Mac Duff Deus Juvat God Assists
Mac Ewan Reviresco I Flourish Again
Mac Fadden Lamh Laidir An Nachtar The Strong Hand Uppermost
Mac Farlane This I'Ll Defend This I'Ll Defend
Mac Fie Pro Rege For The King
Mac Gill Sine Fine Without End
Mac Gillivray Touch Not This Cat Touch Not This Cat
Mac Gregor S Rioghal Mo Dhream Royal Is My Race
Mac Iain In Hope I Byde In Hope I Remain
Mac Innes E Labore Dulcedo Pleasure Arises Out Of Labour
Mac Innes Irid Ghibht Dhe Agus An Righ Through The Grace Of God And The King
Mac Intosh Touch Not The Cat Bot A Glove Touch Not The Cat Without A Glove
Mac Intyre Per Ardua Through Difficulties
Mac Iver Nunquam Obliviscar I Will Never Forget
Mac Kay Manu Forti With A Strong Hand
Mac Kellar Perseverando By Persevering
Mac Kenzie Luceo Non Uro I Shine, Not Burn
Mac Kenzie (Seaforth) Cuidich &Quot;N Righ Help The King
Mac Kie Labora By Labour
Mac Kindlay Spernit Humum He Despises The Earth
Mac Kinnon Audentes Fortuna Juvat Fortune Assists The Daring
Mac Lachlan Fortis Et Fidus By Fidelity And Fortitude
Mac Laine Vincere Vel Mori To Conquer Or Die
Mac Laren Creag An Tuirc The Boar'S Rock
Mac Lean Virtue Mine Honour Virtue Is My Distinction
Mac Lellan Think On Think On
Mac Lennan Dum Spiro Spero While I Breathe I Hope
Mac Leod Hold Fast Stand Your Ground
Mac Leod Of Lewis I Birn Quhil I Se I Burn While I Shall
Mac Millan Miseris Succurrere Disco I Learn To Succour The Distressed
Mac Nab Timor Omnis Abesto Let All Fear Be Absent
Mac Naughton I Hope In God I Hope In God
Mac Neil (Barra) Vincere Vel Mori To Conquer Or Die
Mac Neill (Gigha) Vincere Aut Mori To Conquer Or Die
Mac Phail Memor Esto Be Mindful
Mac Pherson Touch Not The Cat Bot A Glove Touch Not The Cat Without A Glove
Mac Quarrie Turris Fortis Mihi Deus God Is A Strong Tower To Me
Mac Queen Constant And Faithful Constant And Faithful
Mac Rae Fortitudine By Fortitude
Mac Tavish Non Oblitus Forget Not
Mac Thomas Deo Juvante Invidiam Superabo With God'S Help, I Shall Conquer Envy
Maitland Consilio Et Animis By Wisdom And Courage
Majoribanks Et Custos Et Pugnax Both A Preserver And A Champion
Malcolm In Ardua Petit He Aims At Difficult Things
Matheson Fac Et Spera Do And Hope
Maxwell Reviresco I Flourish Again
Mc Alpine Cuinich Bas Alpin Remember The Death Of Alpin
Melville Denique Coelum Heaven At Last
Menzies Vil God I Zal Will God I Shall
Mitchell Favente Deo Supero By God'S Favour I Conquer
Moffat Spero Meliora I Hope For Better Things
Moncreiffe Sur Esperance Upon Hope
Montgomery Garde Bien Guard Well
Morrison Teaghlach Phabbay Family Of Phabbay
Mowat Monte Alto On A High Mount
Muir Durum Patentia Frango I Overcome Difficulty By Patience
Munro Dread God Beware The Wrath Of God Or Fear God
Murray Tout Pret Quite Ready
Murray (Athol) Furth Fortune And Fill The Fetters Furth Fortune And Fill The Fetters
Napier Sans Tache Without Stain
Nicholson Generositate By Generosity
Nicholson Sgorra Bhreac Sgorra Bhreac
Nisbet I Byd It I Command It
Ogilvie A Fin To The End
Oliphant A Tout Pourvoir To Provide For All
Paterson Huc Tendimus Omnes We All Strive For This
Pollack Audacter Et Strenue Boldly And Earnestly
Preston Praesto Ut Praestem I Undertake That I May Perform
Preston Vive Ut Vivas Live That You May Live
Pringle Amicitia Reddit Honores Friendship Gives Honours
Ramsay Ora Et Labora Pray And Labour
Rattray Super Sidera Votum My Desires Extend Beyond The Stars
Robertson Virtutis Gloria Merces Glory Is The Reward Of Valour
Rollo La Fortune Passe Partout Fortune Makes Way Through Everything
Rose Constant And true Constant And true
Ross Spem Successus Alit Success Nourishes Hope
Russell Virtus Sine Macula Virtue Without Stain
Rutherford Nec Sorte Nec Fato Neither By Chance, Nor Fate
Ruthven Deid Shaw Deeds Show
Sandiland Spero Meliora I Hope For Better Things
Scott Amo I Love
Scrimgeour Dissipate Scatter
Sempill Keep tryst Keep The Appointed Meeting
Seton Hazard Yet Forward Hazard Yet Forward
Shaw Fide Et Fortitudine By Fidelity And Fortitude
Sinclair Commit Thy Work To God Commit Thy Work To God
Skene Virtutis Regia Merces A Palace Is The Reward Of Bravery
Smith Luceo Non Uro I Shine Not Burn
Somerville Fear God In Life Fear God In Life
Stewart Virescit Vulnere Virtus Valour Strengthens From A Wound
Stewart (Athol) Furth Fortune And Fill The Fetters Furth Fortune And Fill The Fetters
Stewart Of Appin Quidder Will Zie What Is Your Future
Stirling Gang Forward Go Forward
Strachan Non Timeo Sed Caveo I Do Not Fear But Am Cautious
Stuart Nobilis Est Ira Leonis Noble Is The Wrath Of The Lion
Sutherland Sans Peur Without Fear
trotter In Promptu In Readiness
Turnbull I Saved The King I Saved The King
Tweedie Thol And Think Suffer And Think
Urquhart Meane Weil Speake Weil Doe Weil Mean Well Speak Well And Do Well
Wallace Pro Libertate For Liberty
Wardlaw Familias Firmat Pietas Religion Strengthens Families
Wedderburn Non Degener Not Degenerated
Weir Vero Nihil Verius Nothing truer Than truth
Wemyss Je Pense I Think
Wilson Semper Vigilans Always Vigilant
Wood Defend Defend
Young Robore Prudentia Prastat Prudence Excels Strength
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