Armstrong: TartanScottish Clans
Armstrong Clan
Aspect Details Crest An arm embowed, armed, holding a broken lance, in silver Motto Invictus maneo Translation of Motto I remain unvanquished Plant Thistle
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Arbuthnott ClanScottish Clans
Arbuthnott Clan
Aspect Details Crest A peacock’s head proper, pridefully displayed Motto Laus Deo Translation of Motto Praise God Plant Boxwood Gaelic Name Abairbothan
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Allison ClanScottish Clans
Allison Clan
Introduction The history of Scottish clans weaves a rich cultural tapestry in the Scottish Highlands, which is as renowned as their breathtaking landscapes.
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Anderson Clan Tartan, HistoryScottish Clans
Anderson Clan
The Scottish Clan Anderson is a name steeped in history, pride, and tradition. With a heritage that dates back centuries, the Anderson clan has left an
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Alexander Clan HistoryScottish Clans
Alexander Clan
Discovering the Rich History of Clan Alexander Scottish Clan History Clan Alexander, with its roots embedded in the heart of Scotland, has a storied history
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akins-scottish-clan-historyScottish Clans
Akins Clan
Unraveling the Tapestry of Clan Akins: A Comprehensive Exploration Crest, Motto, Translation, Plant, Gaelic Name, Origin of Name, War Cry Information Details
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clan-agnew-scottish-historyScottish Clans
Agnew Clan
Scottish Clan Agnew: Embracing a Storied Legacy Clan Agnew Information: Attribute Details Crest The Clan Agnew crest is an intricate design featuring a
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adair-scottish-clan-historyScottish Clans
Adair Clan
Clan Adair: Preserving Heritage with Pride Crest Information Element Description Crest A moor’s head couped dripping blood. Gaelic Name Clann Adair
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MacFarlane Scottish Clan HistoryScottish Clans
MacFarlane Clan
Crest A demi-savage Proper, holding in his dexter hand a sword, and in his sinister a sceptre all Proper. Motto This I’ll defend. Translation N/A
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Abernethy Clan HistoryScottish Clans
Abernethy Clan
History of Clan Abernethy: Original Roots and Development Clan Abernethy has ancient roots and a rich history closely linked to Scotland and its culture.
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