Arbuthnott Clan

Arbuthnott Clan Scottish Clans
CrestA peacock’s head proper, pridefully displayed
MottoLaus Deo
Translation of MottoPraise God
Gaelic NameAbairbothan
Origin of NameDerived from the place name Arbuthnott in Kincardineshire, which may originate from the Brittonic “ar” meaning “upon” or “above” and “both” meaning “dwelling”
War Cry(Not specifically recorded for many Scottish clans, including Arbuthnott)
Pipe Music(Specific tunes may be associated with the clan, but not universally recognized)

Delving into the Rich Tapestry of Arbuthnott Clan History: A Comprehensive Overview

The Arbuthnott Clan, with its deep roots in Scottish history, heraldry, and heritage, presents a fascinating study for enthusiasts and scholars alike. This esteemed clan, originating from the lands of Arbuthnott in Kincardineshire, Scotland, carries a legacy that is both profound and illustrious. In this detailed exploration, we will delve into the various facets of the Arbuthnott Clan, encompassing its historical background, distinctive tartans, heraldic symbols, clan crest, septs, regions of influence, participation in games, clan societies, leadership, and the much-anticipated Annual General Meeting.

Historical Backdrop

The Arbuthnott Clan’s origins trace back to the 12th century, with the family name deriving from the Barony of Arbuthnott in Kincardineshire. The Arbuthnotts have been integral to Scottish history, contributing significantly to its cultural, military, and political tapestry. The lineage is believed to have Norman roots, with the name initially appearing in records as “Aberbothenoth,” signifying the clan’s enduring connection to their ancestral lands.

Clan Tartans

The Arbuthnott Clan boasts several distinctive tartans, each symbolizing the clan’s heritage and identity:

  • Arbuthnott Ancient: A blend of soft greens, blues, and subtle red stripes, this tartan reflects the clan’s historical depth and connection to the Scottish landscape.
  • Arbuthnott Modern: Featuring a more vivid palette, the modern tartan presents a bolder statement of clan pride, with pronounced greens and blues offset by striking red lines.

Coat of Arms

The Arbuthnott Clan’s coat of arms is a heraldic masterpiece that encapsulates the clan’s ethos and lineage. Central to the design is a peacock in its pride, surrounded by traditional heraldic symbols that signify various aspects of the clan’s history and values.

Clan Crest

The Arbuthnott Clan crest features a distinctive peacock’s head, a symbol of beauty, dignity, and pride. This emblem serves as a rallying point for clan members, encapsulating the essence of the Arbuthnott spirit.


The Arbuthnott Clan encompasses various septs, or families, that are recognized as part of the wider clan community. These include:

  • Buthnott
  • Arbuthnot
  • Osbaldeston
  • Nott
  • Swinton

These septs share the Arbuthnott heritage and contribute to the rich mosaic of the clan’s history.


The Arbuthnott Clan’s influence extends across various regions, primarily centered around Kincardineshire, the clan’s ancestral heartland. However, the clan’s presence and impact can be traced throughout Scotland and beyond, reflecting the widespread connections established over centuries.


The Arbuthnott Clan actively participates in Scottish games and gatherings, both within Scotland and internationally. These events serve as a vibrant expression of Scottish culture and provide an opportunity for clan members to celebrate their heritage, compete in traditional sports, and strengthen communal bonds.

Clan Societies

Several Arbuthnott Clan societies play a pivotal role in preserving and promoting the clan’s history and traditions. These organizations offer a platform for members to engage with their heritage, participate in cultural events, and contribute to the clan’s legacy.

Clan Chiefs

The Arbuthnott Clan is led by a Chief, a position that embodies the clan’s leadership and continuity. The current Chief, The Rt. Hon. The Viscount of Arbuthnott, continues a lineage of stewardship that connects the present with the clan’s storied past.

Annual General Meeting

The Arbuthnott Clan’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a cornerstone event that brings together clan members from across the globe. The AGM serves as a forum for discussing clan affairs, planning cultural and heritage projects, and reinforcing the bonds that unite the Arbuthnott community.

In conclusion, the Arbuthnott Clan’s history, heraldry, and heritage represent a vibrant chapter in Scotland’s rich tapestry. Through their distinctive tartans, heraldic symbols, and communal activities, the Arbuthnotts continue to celebrate and perpetuate their ancestral legacy. As we explore the depths of this noble clan’s history, we are reminded of the enduring spirit and resilience that define the Scottish people and their clans.

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