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Clan Adair: Preserving Heritage with Pride

Crest Information

CrestA moor’s head couped dripping blood.
Gaelic NameClann Adair
MottoLoyal au mort
TranslationLoyal to the death
War CryNone

Origin of Name

The name Adair has its roots in Gaelic, with “Ad” meaning “son of” and “Fear” meaning “man.” Clan Adair has a proud history deeply embedded in Scottish heritage.

Clan Chiefs

The Clan Adair has seen remarkable leaders throughout its history. Clan Chiefs have played pivotal roles in shaping the clan’s destiny, preserving traditions, and leading with valor.

Clan Societies

Clan SocietyWebsite
Adair Scottish SocietyWebsite
Adair Scottish SocietyWebsite
Adair Scottish Clan Societies


The richness of Clan Adair’s heritage is reflected in its distinctive tartans. Explore the vibrant patterns that tell tales of tradition and honor.

Adair Clan TartanAdair Scottish Clan Tartan
Adair Clan Tartan
Adair Clan Tartan

Clan History

Nestled in the annals of Scottish history, Clan Adair has a compelling story. From its ancient origins to navigating through turbulent times, the clan’s history is a testament to resilience and pride. The Clan Adair has weathered storms, emerging stronger and more united.

In times of war and peace, Clan Adair stood firm, upholding its motto of “Consilio et Animis” – a guiding principle that resonates through generations.

Today, Clan Adair continues to honor its past, forging connections across the globe through Clan Societies. The tartans proudly worn reflect not only the weaving of threads but the intertwining of stories that define Clan Adair.

Discover, celebrate, and carry forward the legacy of Clan Adair – a legacy etched in the heart of Scotland.

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Where is the Adair Clan From?

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